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Q: Does Medicare cover the price of this machine?

A: Unfortunately, because they are battery operated and often used for travel they usually classify battery-operated portables as a luxury item.  Medicare typically covers home units and the metal tanks.


Q: Will my private/supplemental insurance cover the price of this machine?

A: We are out of network and do not bill insurance companies directly. We will put the medical reimbursement code on the invoice and you can work with your insurance company to see if they will reimburse you.

Q: Can I finance it/make monthly payments?

A: We are partnered with several different companies for financing options including Care Credit United Consumer Financial & PayPal credit. With approved credit, interest rates average about 15.9%.

Q: Do I need to have a prescription to buy one of these?

A: Yes. These are medical-grade devices and therefore require a prescription. If you are on oxygen now you already have a script. A new script does not need to be written for a portable device specifically, your existing script for oxygen will work.

Q: Are these machines FAA approved?

A: Yes. Stipulations set by the FAA when flying with a portable oxygen concentrator require a valid prescription. Most airlines require 150% battery life to the flight time. You may need to purchase additional batteries to meet your airline’s regulations.

We hope you found this helpful and WE look forward to working with you on finding the right concentrator to fit your needs and get your freedom back.