Inogen One G5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator


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Inogen One G5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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  • 4.7 Pounds
  • 8.15″ H x 7.19″ L x 3.26″ W
  • Pulse Flow Settings 1-6
  • Up to 13 Hours of Battery Life
  • Sound Level: 37 dBA (setting of 2)
  • 3 Year Warranty


Inogen One G5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Are you fed up with having to sacrifice your personal freedom to hang out with friends or visit with family on your terms due to the restrictive nature of your medical oxygen tanks?

Ditch those cumbersome oxygen tanks, while simultaneously regaining your personal freedom with the brand new Inogen One G5 portable oxygen concentrator.

Instead of worrying about refilling your oxygen tanks, the Inogen One G5 restores your mobility thanks to its portable delivery of pulse flow settings of 1-6, which is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Plus, if you’re familiar with the Inogen family of medical oxygen concentrators, the Inogen One G3 offers incredible battery life in combination with a compact and lightweight design.

Well, the Inogen One G5 portable oxygen concentrator is lighter and offers a longer battery life than the Inogen One G3.


Advantages of the Inogen One G5:

  • Weighs Less Than the Inogen One G3
  • Improved Battery Life Compared to the G3 for Extended Mobility
  • Enjoy Interruption Free Oxygen Therapy
  • Sleep Mode Technology for a Delivery of Oxygen Therapy While You Sleep

Pulse Flow Options That Meet Your Demands

When it comes to portable oxygen concentrators, many of our customer’s oxygen demands cannot be satisfied due to the lack of pulse flow settings.

With the Inogen One G5 portable oxygen concentrator that will not be a problem, as this device offers pulse flow settings of 1-6!

So as your breathing rate and requirements change depending on if you are laying in bed or exercising, the Inogen One G5 has the ability to satisfy your oxygen demands.

Below is the expected battery life depending on your flow setting.


Flow Setting Single Battery Double Battery
1 6 1/2 hours 13 hours
2 5 hours 10 hours
3 3 1/2 hours 7 hours
4 2 1/2 hours 5 hours
5 1 hr 51 mins 3 hr 48 mins
6 1 hr 26 mins 2 hr 58 mins

24/7 Use to Keep Up With Your Needs

You will be able to enjoy these same oxygen delivery benefits at night while you sleep thanks to the presence of Inogen’s intelligent Sleep Mode Technology.

Essentially what this means is that as your breathing rate becomes more shallow as you sleep, the Sleep Mode Technology will go to work by increasing each bolus dose of oxygen.

Even if you are a mouth breather, the Sleep Mode Technology is able to detect shallow mouth breaths that are frequent when sleeping. This will then tell the Inogen One G5 to trigger a bolus dose based upon your specific fixed minute volume.

Now, most of our customers are able to use this technology to sleep with the Inogen One G5, however, we highly recommend you first speak with your doctor before using this while sleeping.


FREE Thrive eLearning Course With Purchase

Pulmonary wellness is about more than just having a great portable oxygen concentrator; it requires you to make other lifestyle changes involving your diet, exercise routine, and more. In an effort to help our patients with all aspects of their pulmonary wellness regimen, we’re now offering a FREE Thrive eLearning Course with the purchase of your Inogen One G5 portable oxygen concentrator.

Thrive is an accessible, all-in-one online training course that aims to provide you with simple, practical, and actionable tips for managing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). With this program, you’ll also have access to one-on-one counseling with certified pulmonary experts, support group opportunities, online learning courses, and much more! Below is a full list of what you’ll receive:

  • Direct access to a private support group (patients, caretakers, and experts) 
  • Years of COPD and respiratory illness knowledge
  • Step-by-step disease management regimen
  • Best selling e-books and guides
  • Step-by-step breathing exercises
  • Learn about exacerbations and how to prevent them
  • Speak with a nutritionist about refining and improving your diet

COPD symptoms can only be managed with impeccable lifestyle choices. This ePulmonary Advanced Online Workshop will help you get back on track and locate any anomalies in your COPD treatment plan. The Inogen One G5 will provide you with the oxygen and freedom that you need to live life on your own terms, but this training program will make you unstoppable!

This Thrive ePulmonary Online Training Program is a $497 value, but we’re offering it for FREE! Order your Inogen One G5 today and experience the freedom you want and deserve!

Inogen One G5 Specifications

 Weight 4.7 Pounds
Dimensions 8.15″ H x 7.19″ L x 3.26″ W
Flow Settings Pulse Settings 1-6
Sound Level 37 dBA @ Setting 2
Expected Battery Life Up to 13 Hours


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